Simply: Hiring a PEO, free yourself from the paperwork.


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We know you didn’t start your business to spend time with complex HR administration. That’s why we started our business almost 20 years ago - to use our knowledge and experience to do those things for you as a Professional Employer Organization (or PEO).

As Human Resources experts, our mission is to simplify your obligations as an employer. It’s just that simple.

Imagine your company with a world-class HR department – a team of experts who make sure that you’re doing everything the best way. Evaluating benefits programs that make sense for you; making sure that you’re in compliance, that you’re getting the best worker’s compensation rates, the best employment practices, the best HR systems, the best support for your employees. Imagine what that would mean for your business. And imagine how that would give you a leg up on your competitors. That’s what SIMPLOY does for our clients. And they spend less on HR than they did before!

By managing your company’s government reports, tax filings, payroll, benefit programs, Workers' Compensation, unemployment and all the other HR issues; we take them off your calendar and put them on to ours. As a PEO, SIMPLOY becomes a “co-employer” with you, so that many of your liabilities as an employer are transferred to us. Imagine that – someone sharing your liabilities.

By doing what we do best for your business, it frees up time for you to concentrate on what you do best in the marketplace, allowing you to grow your business. You can also devote more time and resources to the day-to-day supervision and development of your employees. We can help in this area by providing customized job descriptions and employee handbooks, as well as always being a “phone call away” for strategic advice or to assist in a full-blown, real-time emergency.

Of course, if you want to use the extra, worry-free time to enhance your lifestyle, that’s good too. We don’t tell you how to spend your time; we just give you more of it. We deliver the highest quality HR services in the industry to give you more choices.

If this sounds like a win-win to you, we welcome you to call us at (866) 447-3476 to learn more about the power to simplify employment. Also, we invite you to click on the Flash Interactive note to see what we can take off your schedule.

What are you waiting for? It’s about time you looked into SIMPLOY!

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