When time really is money.

Control costs and improve productivity.

In business, time is money. That’s why tracking employee work hours, overtime, personal days, vacation and sick days is vital for any company. This information clearly shows you how effectively resources are being utilized, highlights opportunities for improvement, increases efficiency and improves your bottom line.

With Simploy, your organization will have proven time card and attendance solutions for tracking and capturing how many hours employees are on the job, their sick time, earned timed off and much more. Plus, we can create work schedules based on criteria such as availability and seniority. We also track any overtime, employee raises, unpaid leave and salary deductions.

It’s time that we accurately calculate and then implement into payroll processing. Plus, we provide your company with detailed reports of all this information. It’s all intended to give you a clear picture of employee productivity and help you operate a more efficient and productive company.



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