The need for capital to grow your business may not be easy to obtain quickly.  The need for cash often can occur suddenly.  The Simploy Credit Line provides our clients with the ability to access extra cash when they need it for any business need such as:


Paying payroll

Debt consolidation

Waiting for receivables to arrive 

Inventory/supplies/   equipment

Hire additional resources

Pay bills

Unforeseen expenses


The Simploy Credit Line has 3 unique advantages:

               Speed.  There is no written application or formal process.  To obtain a credit line you simply provide some basic financial information and have a phone interview.  Same day approval for pre-qualification.

              No annual cost, no standby fees if it’s not used.  A “free” credit line that you don’t pay for until you need it. 

              100% unsecured.  No collateral, no personal guarantee, no credit check, no lien or UCC filing, no covenants.  Nothing!

Repay it within 7-days and the cost is $0.77 per thousand (that is a 4% APR).  A $20,000 float costs $11.00.  Longer terms for payback up to 6 months.

For a prompt response please complete the form on this page, call, or email Steve Ott at (609) 516-5100 / [email protected] 







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